D C Harr Bio


Carol- It says right here in the book about author’s websites that we are supposed to have a bio.

David- I don’t like talking about myself. What am I supposed to say?

So, guess who ends up with the job of writing the bio?


Carol and David Harr are computer science professionals with decades of experience in the field. David holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He has  worked in the game industry and taught video game development at the college level. Carol has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and develops clinical databases for one of the largest municipal health systems in the United States.

David- Wait, wait, wait. What does any of this have to do with writing fantasy novels?

Carol- Ummm, nothing.

Take two

David and Carol Harr are writers working a fantasy novel set in ancient Japan.

David lived in Japan for two years where he developed a fascination for Japanese literature and history. He has taken graduate courses in classical Japanese literature in the original Japanese at UCLA and USC.

Carol’s interest in Japanese history and culture has impelled her to read every English translation of the writings by Heian-era women she can find.

Both David and Carol are fanatic history buffs who have studied everything from historical Japanese architecture and clothing to Heian-era Buddhist funeral ceremonies in the process of writing this book.

David- <yawn> Sounds like a resume.

Carol- <sigh> I hate writing a biography.

D C Harr is the pseudonym for David and Carol Harr, a writing team. David and Carol live in Southern California and work as indentured servants to three cats and two grandsons.

We have started this blog with two goals in mind. First, to keep track of information about writing that we find interesting or useful. Second,  to educate others about the history of Japan, a subject that is near and dear to our hearts.


Carol and David are members of Scribophile, and online writing group. Our fellow Scribbers are working hard to help us improve our writing.

D C Harr Bio

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