Dig Two Graves – Check out our Cover!

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

-Ancient Chinese Proverb


Intrigue and Betrayal in Heian Japan as a down-at-the-heels warrior is roped into helping an old flame with a simple favor that embroils both of them in court politics, deadly conspiracies and a plot to dethrone the Emperor.

We hope to publish by the end of 2015

Dig Two Graves 3 D cover

Dig Two Graves cover


Samurai picture done by Mariusz Szmerdt at http://sumi-e.pl

So, it is the end of 2015, where are we?

Well, the first draft of Dig Two Graves is finished. It is mostly in a form we are happy with. The second half still needs polish though. It is huge, something like 500 pages.  George R. R. Martin has nothing on us! We found one Japanese beta reader who is looking it over to find inaccuracies and anachronisms and several others to find stupid mistakes.

Our original plan was to self publish through Amazon, but a friend convinced us to let an agent look at it. Agent is looking now. The suspense is killing us. We check email several times a day to see if he responded. It has broken our momentum, but the thought of our book in a Barnes and Noble is so tempting.

But this book is going to happen. Soon, we will find out if anyone would actually want to read Dig Two Graves.


But, if you are looking for books on Heian Japan, may we recommend the Yamada Monogatari series by Richard Parks.

He has succeeded in bringing the Heian period to life in much the way we hope to.